Leftovers for Days

– MA looks at party menu

– realizes it’s enough to feed twice as many people as we’re actually expecting; maybe three times
– shrugs and continues merrily on (la la la la la la la)

(leftovers for days…)

– veggies and hummus
– fresh watermelon
– shrimp cocktail

– chips and guac and salsas

– grilled chicken tikka
– grilled bratwursts
– grilled burgers & veggie Beyond burgers
– sautéed mushrooms & onions and Swiss

– ginger sambol & Sri Lankan tomato jam

– kaliya curry (plantain & eggplant & potato)
– grilled corn with lime-cilantro crema and cotija (elotes)
– grilled asparagus
– grilled peaches and plums
– potato salad
– cucumber tzatziki salad

– Chicago popcorn (Anand loves it)

– jaggery pongal
– Kavi’s lemon cookies
– mini cupcakes (thanks, grocery store)
– popsicles
– MAYBE a pavlova, if I get around to it

– berries

– various lemonades, interesting sodas, cocktails, sangria, beer & cider, rosé wine…

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