A Third Stretch Goal

Eep. I stopped by to check the Kickstarter, and we’re just $60 away from the second stretch goal, which I think means I should assume we’ll hit it in the next 64 hours (which is how long is left on this thing), so probably I should come up with a THIRD stretch goal.


So far we have two little sampler e-books:

• Serendib Cocktail Party (goal #1)

• Serendib Teatime (goal #2)

I am honestly not sure what to do for the next stretch goal! A few options:

• Serendib Baking
• Serendib Brunch

• Serendib Grilling

If you have a preference among those three, speak now. 🙂

(Image borrowed from TimeOut, of high tea at my beloved Galle Face Hotel.)

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