Patreon treat boxes update

Folks, I’m making a change to my Patreon treat boxes going forward. I realized that it was really stressing me out, trying to find food items that were safe to ship in summer, and the small boxes are too small for me to include ice packs. I also need to spend a *little* less time on them overall.

So I’m going to fix all three issues by making two changes:
– I’m going to change the treats to go out 3 times a year instead of 4 (aiming for fall, winter, spring)
– I’m going to bump all current subscribers effectively up a tier (which means all boxes will be big enough to fit ice packs)
So for example, previously, if you got the Earth box, it was $10 / month, so you’d spend $30 every quarter for a small box (4 small boxes over the course of a year).
Going forward, it’ll still be $10 / month, and you’ll be spending $40 every three months (3 medium boxes over the course of a year).
It should be the same value & amount of stuff over the course of a year, but less stress to me on multiple fronts, and hopefully your packages will arrive in better shape.
I hope this works for everyone. I think mostly people subscribe to these for the food treats, rather than my random other items (but look at the pretty bookmarks! I was aiming for ‘sunlight on water,’ one of my favorite things, and I think they manage that just fine…), and this will help a lot in ensuring that the food treats actually arrive in good condition. Ice packs for everyone!
If you’re currently a subscriber and this doesn’t work for you, do let me know — we can refund you for the amount you’ve paid so far towards the fall treat box. The last summer boxes will be going out this week, fingers crossed.

Thanks as always for your support!

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