Treat boxes

Um, I feel like I end up stuffing more and more in the treat boxes every time I do them. I just want people to feel VERY SATISFIED that they’re getting value for their money. Is that so wrong? 🙂

Happy with the decision to move to doing them three times a year instead of four, though — they do take time. Stephanie and I took about three hours working together just to pack up the higher tier boxes on Monday.

Every time I have to reassess whether it’s worth my time to do them, but I really enjoy the process of coming up with the theme, figuring out what I’ll include, coming up with new recipes and home items. And it also gives my business some steadiness of income, which makes it easier to make sure I can make payroll. Writing pays me better, but it comes in fits and starts. Patreon is nice and steady.

Also happy that we’ve shifted everyone to larger boxes, so we can include ice packs in all of them going forward. Maybe not necessary for the winter box, but the rest of the year, I think it’ll make it much less likely that chocolate or marshmallows or lollipops will melt while sitting in a warehouse while shipping. We’ve had some disasters in the past. Live and learn!


I *think* this is everything that went in this time around:

EARTH TIER ($10 / month, shipped 3 times / year):

• Cardamom & Honey Snickerdoodles:

• Chocolate-Tamarind Pinwheels:

• Jaggery & Treacle Gingersnaps:

• Lime & Rosewater Shortbread (with Ocean Creatures):



• Milk Toffee with Raisins:

• Pistachio & Pandan Elephant Shortbread:

• Salted Honey & Lavender Shortbread:

– Salted Cherry Cookies:

• Honeybee soap (lavender, mint, & basil):

• Sunlight on the Water bookmarks:

SOL SYSTEM TIER ($15 / month, shipped 3 times / year):

• all of the above, plus:

• Chive and Cheddar Scones

• Honey Pull Apart Bread

• Orange Spice Tea

• Lavender Wall o’Plants sachet

• Bee & Flower soap (sweet orange & lemongrass)

• a Serendib card and envelope

MILKY WAY TIER ($20 / month, shipped 3 times / year):

• all of the above, plus:

• more of various sweets

• Morningstar Sedge Tea Towel

INTERSTELLAR TIER ($30 / month, shipped 3 times / year):• all of the above, plus:• Sri Lankan Butter Cake (an entire cake!)• Fruit & Flower Tea (cornflower, calendula, mango, passionfruit, etc.)• Morningstar Sedge Scarf• homemade Sri Lankan curry powder & A Taste of Serendib

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