Pasta with Tandoori Chicken in Sauce

Pasta with Tandoori Chicken in Sauce

We ordered Indian for dinner last night (hey, locals, did Khyber Pass get a new chef? Everything tastes different…), and Kavi requested pasta with tandoori chicken in sauce for dinner tonight. I think I’ve written this up here before, but just in case, it’s a useful recipe:

– set water boiling for pasta
– when boiling, add pasta, set timer appropriately (this one was 11 minutes)
– shred leftover tandoori chicken
– sauté raw red onion that came with the chicken in some vegetable oil (or ghee, or butter) until golden
– add chicken and sauté a minute or two
– push chicken and onions to the side, add 1 T flour and fry briefly, until flour is cooked, aromatic and light brown; stir flour into chicken and onions
– add 1 c. chicken broth and simmer a few minutes
– add 1/2 – 1 c. milk and simmer down to a sauce; taste and add salt / pepper if needed, but usually I don’t need to season it further

– if you want a veg in here, now is a nice time to add some frozen peas and cook a few minutes more

– drain pasta when timer goes off, add it to the pan with the sauce

– serve hot!

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