A Sign of Book Life Returning

Well, this is very fun. You remember how we had to cancel all kinds of book launch stuff when COVID descended, back in March 2020? Here’s a little sign of book life returning — I’ve just dropped off both hardcover and paperback copies of Feast at our local butcher / grocery Carnivore Oak Park, along with some of my small batch hand-roasted Sri Lankan curry powder.

Locals, if you’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of Feast for yourself or a friend or family member (they make GREAT holiday gifts, if I do say so myself), I’d love it if you’d support one of our local stores and stop by to get your copy from Carnivore. And if they run out, don’t worry, I can always bring them more…

I added a little care package of confections for the team too — dragonfruit chocolates, cashew milk toffee, passionfruit marshmallows, mulled apple cider marshmallows, chai spice meringue kisses. The young men there always take such good care of us; it’s nice to give them something back. (If you’d like Carnivore to carry my sweets, tea towels, and/or soaps, do swing by and let them know. 🙂 )

If you’re looking for food recommendations, it’s a great place to pick up all kinds of things, locally sourced from small family farms. You want sushi-quality fish? They can take care of you. You want a quick and delicious weekday dinner? My kids love their ribs & tibs pasta.

I know vegetarians might not expect there’d be much for them at a butcher, but Carnivore also carries milk and eggs and onions and potatoes and cheese and soups, plus a host of artisan jars and cans of deliciousness, like gourmet Rancho Gordo beans.

For the non-veg, I’ll note that their pork shoulder makes a gorgeous tamarind-pork curry (recipe in my cookbook, of course), and my kids & Kevin adore their Italian sausage and hot links. (Okay, the hot links are too spicy for Anand, but otherwise…) We had the latter for dinner tonight, and again for lunch today. Yum.

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