Any Tips for Unmolding Cookies?

Hm. I could use tips on unmolding cookies. I bought some intricate cookie molds, and some of them, like the mushroom below, came out fine, but the pumpkins lost their tops — I couldn’t get them out of the molds without breaking.

I tried using a dull knife to gently push the bits out, but some bits are too small even for that to fit. I dipped the molds in flour — is there some other trick I’m missing? I don’t understand how you’re supposed to do this.

Pistachio & blood orange cookies for the autumn Patreon treat boxes, and for the local Bazaar on Sunday.

What Bazaar, you say? Why is this the first we’re hearing about it? Well, I’m very behind in telling you about it! More details shortly, but I’ll be in the arts district Sunday 11-4, at 19 Harrison Street, with Serendib stuff. 🙂

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