We’ll See How My Cooking Energy Holds Out

Okay, I’m still not sure I have the patience to use such fiddly cutters very often (the pumpkins, toadstools, teacups and spoons), but chilling the dough overnight did help a lot, and spraying the cutter with oil didn’t hurt. Progress. (It is too fun shopping for novelty 3D-printed cutters on Etsy!)

Making these for the Patreon autumn treat boxes and for tomorrow’s bazaar — I will be stuck at a table from 11 – 4, and I am not making Kavi come to keep me company because I am nice and she has a lot of homework to do, and I’m not making Jed come to keep me company because that’s a lot of inside time with people for Jed, so if you are a local friend of mine, may I suggest that sometime tomorrow between 11-4 would be a great time for you to stop by Jamila Yipp’s studio (19 Harrison Street) for our pop-up?

There will be blood-orange & pistachio cookies to sample, and probably passionfruit marshmallows and maybe milk toffee and/or dragonfruit chocolates too. We’ll see how long my cooking energy holds out today. 🙂

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