TOO Moist

Adding crystallized ginger, mixing the beaten aquafaba (magic!) into the dough. Like the vegan love cake, it took quite a bit longer to bake this rich cake than it would for the non-vegan version — 3 solid hours in a slow oven. That must be due to different moisture levels; the final cake was also more moist that my standard rich cake.

I wonder if using, say 1-2 fewer ripe bananas would make a significant difference there? On the other hand, it’s rare for someone to complain that their fruitcake is TOO moist. 🙂 So maybe just leave it as is.

Though if I do it again, I’m definitely going to wrap the edges in foil so they’re less likely to burn — over 3 hours needed to get the center cooked, the edges got a little overcooked. It might actually be better to do this in two square pans, instead of the large 9×12. (Or, sacrilege — two bundt pans?!)

Recipe here.

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