“Artist’s Valentine”

“Artist’s Valentine” rose-cardamom iced cookies — decorated with a paintbrush! Two paintbrushes, actually, one for brushing on the pink, and a much smaller one for flicking in gold luster dust (with some gold sprinkles added after).

I’m not sure that I love this combo of techniques, actually — if I could go back in time, I think I’d do some of the cookies with just the pink brushwork, some with just the gold splatter, and maybe a few with both? But oh well, they’re still cute, and will be delicious regardless.

And one big plus for this decorating technique — it’s fast! I iced the cookies with white last night, which took about 20 minutes of dipping. Let them dry overnight, and then another 15-20 minutes of decorating this morning to finish them off.

If you’re doing the more elaborating outline + flooding technique for icing sugar cookies, it can take much, much longer. I’ve done it, but am not likely to do it again unless it’s for a very special occasion; I just don’t have the patience!

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