Futzing Around with Chocolate and Yarn Hearts

Quiet day — mostly did computer work, but in between, futzed around with little chocolates and yarn hearts for the upper tier treat boxes (“Narnia in love” theme: remember, he’s not a TAME lion…). I was excessively pleased with myself for managing to find a WARDROBE mold.

I mean, come on, people! Those are some serious Etsy shopping skills you’re looking at. Of course, now I need an excuse to throw a Narnia birthday party so I have a reason to use it again…I’m not sure what else you would do with a wardrobe mold!

Jed and I watched a fun rom-com while I was crocheting, Broken Hearts Gallery. Came out in 2020, so it may have skipped theatrical release? It was a little hard for me to empathize with the 20-somethings (they’re SO YOUNG), but there were lots of cute / funny moments, and the lead, Geraldine Vishwanathan (half-Tamil!) was adorable.

I could totally see her as Maya in my Liminal Space novel, if it was ever made into a movie. 🙂 Summer project — seeing if the novel would work as a screenplay…

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