A Solution for a Little Problem

It’s really satisfying when you finally solve a problem, even a little one. I’ve been making chocolate bars for some years now, and I’ve never been happy with the packaging — the foil wrappers I was using never seemed to be the right size, and the final result often looked sort of crinkly and unprofessional.

Then I found these self-adhesive cellophane bags with accompanying labels, and they just worked. It makes me so happy. 🙂

Ruby chocolate with mulled apple cider marshmallows and a drizzle of milk chocolate. Simple, sweet, kid-friendly. I’ll put full-size bars in the top-tier boxes, and smaller samples in the other tiers.

Now, eventually, I’d love to design my own Serendib House labels (or have Kavi design them for me), but this will do very nicely for now. Link to packaging in comments, for anyone else searching for such a solution.

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