A Great Spicy Accompaniment

A little more cooking from yesterday — this is one of my favorite Sri Lankan accompaniments, leeks fried with chili. I like it for two main reasons:

a) it’s great to have a spicy accompaniment, so that if you’re serving a large group and some people might not want spicy and some might, you can make the other dishes on the milder side, and then this goes well with almost everything to bring the heat for those who want it

b) although the recipe says 50 minutes, most of that you can be doing other things — there’s only about 10 minutes of active cooking, when you’re slicing the leeks, washing the grit out, and starting the sauté with spices. AND, if you’re willing to stand and stir on higher heat, you can knock it out much faster — I think the whole thing took me about 20 minutes yesterday, so I was able to make it while the rice finished cooking.

Recipe link in comments.

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