Doing This Until the End of Time

Yes, we’re still shipping out Kickstarter and pre-orders of Vegan Serendib. We will be doing this until the end of time.

No, not really, Stephanie Bailey assures me that we’re more than halfway through at this point, and of course, when I say we, I mostly mean her, because all I do is wander through periodically and sign / personalize things for her. She’s doing all the hard work. 🙂

The really tricky part is organizing it — it’s nice to give people options, but the options multiply the complexity, and there end up being gazillion different packages, which definitely slows things down a lot. This is a particularly challenging task for an ADD brain; I get super-confused, super-fast, because every time I lose focus, I have to start over. Oof.

On the other hand, it’s lovely to be able to pack up personalized books — someone from South Africa sent a book to someone in Edinburgh, hoping the book would remind them of their honeymoon in Sri Lanka, which is terribly sweet. And some orders get curry powder, and some orders someone got a paperback for themselves and a hardcover gift for someone else, and it’s just nice being able to give people what they actually want.

AND we’re getting to the point where some of the orders will have soaps and tea towels and such in them, so that’ll be fun too. We probably won’t get to that before I leave town for Thanksgiving, but it’ll be the first thing I do when I get back, so they should all go out in good time for holiday delivery.

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