Nicely Classy Cookies

Kavi and her friend Rose cut out cookies for me a few days ago, and I baked them, cooled, refrigerated for a few days — just got around to icing them now.

For these, I use my super-lazy way of icing — make the icing a little runnier than usual, put it in a wide bowl, and dip the tops of the cookies, lightly scraping off any excess. (They’ll usually drip a bit while drying, but that’s fine — you can put parchment paper underneath the drying rack to minimize clean-up.)

And then have an assortment of silver and gold sprinkles on hand — I do each shape of snowflakes, stars, trees, etc. in a slightly different set of sprinkles, and it makes for a very easy but also nicely classy finished set of cookies. They look a lot more work than they actually are. 🙂

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