Questions that Need Answers

The jaggery milk toffee experiment came out well, whew! It has been dutifully packed up all pretty (along with an order of passionfruit marshmallows, an order of freshly-roasted curry powder, and a copy of Feast) for its intended recipient.

I would’ve been sad if I’d ruined a whole batch of milk toffee by daring to put in some jaggery instead of all white sugar.

It is definitely more on the ‘toffee’ side — it’s a little chewy; I put that down to the different moisture level in jaggery vs. white sugar. Which makes me wonder whether milk toffee originally might have been made entirely with jaggery and no white sugar at all, in which case, it might’ve been much more of an actual toffee originally?

As opposed to what we typically eat now, which has a consistency that’s sort of like fudge, but even more like maple candy, if you’re familiar with that New England delight.

Why don’t I have a food historian on tap, is what I want to know. I have questions, people. Questions that NEED answers…

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