Kavi Made Dinner Tonight

I could get used to this. It’s from a Hello, Fresh meal kit, so it was somewhat prepped for her, but basically she did it all, and added the avocado on her own.

She’s been taking a culinary arts class as an elective at her high school, and it’s given her a lot more confidence in the kitchen than she had before, even though she’s done some cooking and baking with us previously. I wish all high school kids got to take that class.

At not quite sixteen, she’s a way better cook than I was at that age (and I suspect better than most of my college students). I was telling Kavi that all I knew how to do at sixteen was chop and sauté onions for curry (because that was all Amma would trust me to do), and oh yes, make microwave cheesecake.

Kavi promptly asked if I’d make microwave cheesecake for dessert, so I did. It is not as good as real cheesecake, but it has the advantage of being fast. 🙂


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