Mandatory Short Eats

If you’re going to have Sri Lankans over, short eats are pretty much mandatory. I think I have rolls and mackerel cutlets down, but my patties still need work — they look fine when waiting to fry, but when we fried them, they didn’t puff up properly — I think we may have over-worked the pastry dough. And my filling was a little bland. Apologies to those using my cookbook! Must continue practicing, clearly.

The problem is, the only way I have the patience to do this kind of fiddly cooking, is if I have people helping, and it’s particularly nice when they are people who already know how to do it, like my sister and cousins…clearly, they just have to visit more often!

We also baked Kavi’s birthday cake — Sri Lankan butter cake, done in a ribbon style, hence the mixing color into the different layers…

Thanks for the middle-of-the-night cooking help, Sharms Murraj, Natalie John, and Michele Jayk!

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