What Ended Up in Earth Treat Boxes

I have been more scattered than usual lately, and as a result, completely forgot to label my spring Patreon treats before sending them out. But this was what ended up in the Earth treat boxes:

  • one iced vanilla sugar cookie
  • two lime & white chocolate shortbread cookies
  • one strawberry marshmallow
  • two pieces of Sri Lankan cashew milk toffee
  • one mini chocolate fudge bundt cake with chocolate ganache
  • one piece of Sri Lankan love cake
  • one chocolate-tamarind scone
  • one little bottle of redbud syrup (nice on pancakes or in cocktails / mocktails; store in fridge for up to 6 months)
  • one mehndi tea light (not made by me, but so cute)
  • one bar of handmade soap
  • one lavender heart sachet
  • one resin pendant / necklace

Whew! There’ll be some more items in the higher tier boxes that I’ll send out next week, but at least for now, I’m suspending the higher tiers, as they were getting a little complex for me to manage and cutting into writing time. So just Earth tiers right now — $10 / month gets you a treat box 3 times / year. The next box will ship around September / October.

(And in theory, you can request just food items if you’d prefer and I’ll put in more of those, but I completely forgot to do that with Dawn‘s this time, sorry, Dawn! I was losing my mind a little bit the last few weeks…)

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