Cooking for the Venezuelan refugees. This is a little bit of an adaptation — browsing recipes, I came across ‘tizana,’ which is similar to sangria, but without the red wine. A refreshing fruit and juice drink.

Usually it has grenadine (pomegranate syrup), which gives it a characteristic color. I didn’t have any on hand, but I did have pomegranate molasses, and one recipe suggested that you could substitute that with some simple syrup. I have lots of flavored syrups on hand, and I could’ve made some plain simple syrup, but I thought it might be interesting to try a little rose syrup in the mix.

So not quite traditionally Venezuelan, but the color is beautiful and the taste is delicious, I think. Hopefully they like it! I’m going to send along some ginger ale too, so they can mix to their taste; club soda would also work. Fabulous summer drink.

Here’s a base recipe, although it’s very much subject to variation: https://mommyshomecooking.com/venezuelan-tizana/

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