At Green Elephant for lunch

Tired after a three hour flight delay and broken sleep, but Jed took me to Green Elephant for lunch, a local Burmese place, which revived me somewhat. Tea leaf salad, eggplant and fish in spicy garlic sauce, a potato thingie that I’m forgetting the name of, and the yummy roti-like bread with sauce that is called something different in Burma than Malaysia but is always delicious regardless.

Resting a little now, then coffee here with my cousin Genisha and Marie Aunty, while cooking for tonight’s Feast potluck dinner at Jed’s. I say potluck, but I’ve got five dishes planned, plus substantial leftovers from lunch, oh well…

Hey, is this the first official Feast-with-books-in-hand event? I think it is. Neat. 🙂


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