The first batch of roasted curry powder for Kickstarter fulfillment

So, I finally ground the first batch of roasted curry powder, and then did the calculations as to how many batches I’ll need to do for Kickstarter fulfillment. To send out 128 packets of 4 oz. each, it turns out that I need to do 100 batches. Eep.

I can do them roughly 10 batches at a time (that’s the max my big pan will hold), with about an hour each for roasting and grinding (grinding would be faster, but I need to let the grinder rest between cups, so I don’t burn out the mechanism). So 20 hours of roasting & grinding await in the next 10 days. Packing party on 10/30, with shipping starting on Halloween.

I think it’s time for Kevin, Kavya, and Anand to learn how to make Amma’s curry powder…

Also, my hair, sweater, house are going to be PERMEATED with curry powder scent by the end of this 10-day stretch. Good thing it’s such a DELICIOUS scent.

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