Recipe cards ordered

Recipe cards ordered — this is the final piece of the puzzle, and I’m sorry that it’s going to take one more week for them to get to me — they’ll be arriving on November 15th. Then we’ll swing into shipping on Nov 16 (and Stephanie is going to kill me that it’s one more week, because all the stacks in my dining room are making her stressed out), sorry! I suspect we’ll do one more packing party, just to get them out quickly. Feed people rice & curry, stuff envelopes. Good strategy.

Honestly, I probably need that week for roasting curry powder anyway, because we somehow totally miscounted, and I need to make something like twice as much curry powder as we thought. (It’s in 4 oz. bags, and somehow we missed that all the hardcovers come with 8 oz. of curry powder, which is good, lots of curries for people, but it’s going to take a little more time to roast and grind all that!)

But then we’ll be really, really done. Really. I swear. I won’t add any other items, no matter how many good ideas I have between now and then….

(How many times can I say ‘sorry for the delay’ and ‘thank you for your patience’ and ‘this has been a learning experience for me!’ to my Kickstarter backers? A lot. I can say it a lot.)


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