Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

For our first batch of homemade ice cream, Anand requested chocolate, which is a little dull to try to make with an ice cream maker, but okay, might as well start with a simple classic, except it turned out that we were inexplicably out of cocoa (actually, I’m sure we’re not, but I can’t FIND IT, gah), so we made vanilla instead, and dropped in some chocolate chips, and it was pretty good, though the chips were too big, everyone agreed, and mini chips would’ve been better. But nonetheless, experiment #1 with the new ice cream maker = success, and it was all eaten up by the end of the day.

(Side note: we didn’t read the instructions carefully enough — you’re supposed to have the plastic top on before you pour anything into the frozen ice cream bowl. It didn’t cause disaster or anything, but wanted to note that the first picture is technically wrong.)

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