Passionfruit homemade ice cream

Mmm….this is my kind of ice cream — passionfruit. Basic vanilla recipe + passionfruit puree. It is v. tangy!

(The chocolate chips are because it’s the second half of the vanilla w/ chocolate chip ice cream I made for the kids; I just added the passionfruit puree to that. I wouldn’t really recommend doing that! Though a drizzle of chocolate syrup would be lovely with this fruity ice cream.)

Kavi did think the passionfruit ice cream was just a bit *too* tangy on its own (is there such a thing?), and maybe she’s right. (I mean, she’s still happily eating bowls of it, so take that critique for what it’s worth…)

I think the ideal form of this ice cream might be swirled with vanilla ice cream, or even better, swirled with vanilla & rose ice cream. I’m going to try that next, I think. 

Alternately, you could use half as much puree, if you didn’t want to bother with swirling a second batch, and I think that might be a more generally popular version, for those people who aren’t quite as addicted to tang as I am. (I’m the person who eagerly reaches for the lemon cake, and then is so often disappointed because it isn’t lemon-y enough…)

But I loved this ice cream as it was, and I’m having a hard time not just eating an entire batch out of the tupperware with a spoon! Especially when graced with appropriate complements:

• If you like the summer beach classic treat of mangoes with chili and lime, passionfruit & vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cayenne is in that same flavor family. Mmmm…

• And at least as good — passionfruit ice cream with fresh strawberries. It reminds me of being in Sri Lanka, in the hill country, eating strawberries with Karina from a roadside stand. And now I’m homesick…

I think passionfruit is my favorite flavor right now. I’m obsessed. 

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