Production cooking for Bite Nite 2020

I might have to start admitting that I’m a *little* bit of an actual cook. Production cooking for Friday’s Bite Nite. My kitchen was full of trays of curry buns, and I was quite pleased with how the little serving boats came out, with buns nestled in kale sambol. This variety: jackfruit & chickpea curry buns, topped with a little organic hemp seed. Mmm….

Chili chocolates for Bite Nite. Straight up dark chocolate with cayenne blended in. They ended up quite spicy, and I kept warning people of that as they picked them up, but none of the ones who wanted to try spicy chocolate heeded my warnings. They just grinned and walked away, excitedly carrying their chocolate. Spice-heads!

One woman swung back later to tell me that she’d been nibbling on her piece all evening, and it was very good, but yes, very spicy.


For Bite Nite, I tried making milk toffee with sultanas (golden raisins) added in, along with the chopped cashews. I was thinking of it as Royal Milk Toffee, since doing that adds to the expense and it feels more luxurious…

Adding sultanas is a common traditional variation for milk toffee. It added just enough moisture to my recipe that it set differently — not quite firm enough to cut cleanly into squares per usual, so I ended up scooping irregular fudge-like chunks to put into little confectionery paper cups.

One man asked what was in it, and then sadly said, “I hate raisins,” before he walked away. So these are not for everyone! But I actually really like them.

I *think* I might even like them better than my regular milk toffee; the fruitiness contrasts beautifully with the fudge-like sweetness of the rest of the dessert.

(Stephanie agreed. 🙂 )

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