Confectionery experiments

Confectionery experiments….ruby chocolate and dehydrated strawberries. The crunch of the strawberries is very fun.  Karina, was thinking of eating strawberries in Sri Lanka with you.


Quick reminder for US-folks that if you’re signing up for my Patreon to subscribe to the edible treats level, please do sign up by end of February, if you’d like to receive a treat box in March! I’m not positive what will be in there yet, but almost certainly the Dragonfruit Nebulae chocolates (I’ve ALMOST finalized the recipe), and probably the ruby-strawberry ones too. I’m thinking another batch of “I Plight Thee My Troth” (passionfruit, vanilla and rose) marshmallows too.

If you sign up after March 1, you’ll get your first box at the end of June. (So signing up in Feb is an excellent deal; signing up in March is much less so, signing up in April will go back to normal. Slightly unfortunate function of trying to do a quarterly product through a monthly service.)


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