Misconceptions about Sri Lankan food

Hey, quick q. I kind of what to do a post that’s something like “Five Things You Might Not Know About Sri Lankan Food,” although that’s clunky and I’d rather find a better title. (Suggestions welcome.)

But for example, I’ve been really startled to realize how many Americans assume all our food is spicy, and that it’s not worth eating if you don’t like heat, or if you can’t eat capsaicin, etc. So I want to write a paragraph about that, how you can modulate the spice level of almost any dish to your taste, and how you can use black pepper instead of capsaicin, etc.

I suspect there are a few more misconceptions out there, and of course, there’s also just things people don’t know because they’ve never thought about Sri Lankan food at all (from Chicago, I think the nearest Sri Lankan restaurant is 8 hours away in Minnesota).

I’m curious what I might be missing too. So if this is sparking something, like “Oh, I remember being surprised to learn *this* about Sri Lankan food,” I’d love to know what the *this* was for you.

This also goes to other Sri Lankans — what ideas / assumptions / misconceptions have you run across in this arena?

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