Food Brainstorming Help

Food brainstorming help? Specifically, I’m getting ready to start making items for the Patreon June subscription boxes, and I realized that I’m not sure what food items will be safe to ship in heat.

Especially since even Priority Mail shipping seems to sometimes be delayed a few days due to the pandemic — I’m imagining a box sitting in 90 degrees for several days. Chocolates & marshmallows won’t survive that, even if I included an ice pack.

I’m looking at what Harry & David ships for ideas.


I think it should be safe to ship:

– cookies and brownies

– spiced nuts

– jams and chutneys (following proper canning procedures in advance)

– herbal tea blends (tisane)

– and of course, curry powder


I’m not sure about how these will hold up:

– scones and muffins

– our milk toffee (which is basically fudge)

– soft caramels

– lollipops and other hard candies

Thoughts? I’m going to spend more time researching food safety guidelines for this, but if I happen to have any experts reading this, would appreciate the advice!

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