Hamming it for the Camera

I’ve been making a little bit of an effort to actually cook dinners this week, for Kevin’s 50th birthday week — we did pasta with a pork ragout, bangers and mash with a nice onion gravy and roasted Brussels sprouts, and in this case, pork fried rice (with lots of veggies snuck in) and chicken with broccoli.

(Usually these days I’m running so harried that they’re lucky if I cook one proper dinner a week, so I’m not sure the family quite knows what to do with all this bounty, but no one is complaining.)

Kevin loves Chinese food, and while I can follow a recipe fine, I’m still very clearly a novice on this front when it comes to improvising — but the fried rice turned out pretty okay. Practice. Using the wok and the super-hot big burner on our Wolf range definitely helped (the range came with the house, or we’d never have splurged on it, but glad it did!)

We added a mid-week family dinner this week, with candles and setting the table and checking in with the kids, which Kevin suggested and I think is a nice option for helping us get through e-learning. Makes me slow down a little bit too, which is undoubtedly good for me.

I’m mostly sharing these photos because the kids realized I was taking a picture of them and immediately started hamming it up for the camera. 🙂

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