Is More Good?

You know what feels really great? When you imagine a thing, and you make it, and it actually comes out the way you intended. I LOVE how this pumpkin curry tea towel came out! Kavi did the pumpkin and vines and leaf; I did the recipe and overall design. I tried to pick a cheerful, slightly child-like font that was similar to Kavi’s handwriting, which is neat and rounded.

Sri Lankan peeps, I feel like this would be a nice gift for Amma, don’t you think? 🙂 If you have a cooking Amma, that is.

I had thought it wouldn’t be affordable for me to sell tea towels in my own shop, with shipping multiple directions, etc., but it turns out that Spoonflower has a fill-a-yard option that works really well. I can fit 4 tea towels on a yard of fabric, which brings the per unit cost down considerably. So if you’re sewing yourself, this is a great thing to know about, and if you don’t sew, I can actually sell them.

They’re still not cheap, I’m afraid — I need to price them at $24 each to make it worthwhile. But you get a significant discount on them if you get them as part of a Patreon treat box (sign up by November 30th for the December boxes). (

I think we can offer some package options too, since that saves us on the shipping cost part — I’m thinking:

• 1 tea towel ($24)
• tea towel + curry powder ($28)
• 2 tea towels ($42)
• 2 tea towels + curry powder ($45)
• Feast paperback + tea towel ($50)
• Feast paperback + tea towel + curry powder ($55)
• Feast hardcover + tea towel ($60)
• Feast hardcover + 2 tea towels ($80)

• Feast hardcover + 2 tea towels + curry powder ($85)

Is it confusing, having so many options to choose from? I felt like more would be good, but maybe not…?

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