Pomegranate & Cayenne Chocolates

2 c. chocolate chips + 1 t. pomegranate extract + 1/4 t. cayenne. Just a hint of fruit and spice; I like it. No real recipe — melt chips in microwave at half power, add extract and spice, pour into molds.

My kitchen island is sort of an explosion of sweets right now, as I’m getting ready to pack up the Patreon treat boxes — all the first tier sweets are done, and it’s just a matter of making dragon candles to go with them.

Hm — it occurs to me that some people might prefer 4 additional sweets instead of a dragon candle — Emmanuel Henderson, do you have time to ask the Patreon recipients of tier 1 about that today? I can certainly do that if they’d prefer.

What’s currently going in the box:

– dragonfruit nebulae chocolate
– blood orange taffy
– pomegranate & cayenne chocolate

– silver-gilded milk toffee

(those are the confections that would repeat if substituting)

– small dragon candle (scent: cedar leather & amber)
– knitted soap (scent: pettigrain & cassia cinnamon)
– cardamom-rose shortbread knitted textiles
– chocolate-cayenne gingerbread dragon eggs
– pistachio dragon sugar cookies
– candied blood orange shortbread
– passionfruit & dragonfruit gilt marshmallow

– mulled apple cider marshmallow

If you missed out this time, you can sign up for the March treat boxes here ($30, $10 / month): http://www.patreon.com/mohanraj

Theme will be “Unicorns in the Garden.” 🙂

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