Passionfruit & Berry Trifle with Passionfruit Gummy Bears

I didn’t write down a recipe for this, but basically:

– make passionfruit gummy bears (passionfruit puree & gelatin)
– make passionfruit curd (I used Nik Sharma’s recipe, available online)
– layer with ladyfinger cookies, berries, sherry if you like, and whipped heavy cream (no need for added sugar here)

– remember to chill 4 hours or so before serving

For the fruit, I used halved strawberries to make the pretty pattern on the outside edge, and filled in inside with fruit thawed from frozen — I think it was Cascadia’s cherries, blueberries, and strawberries.

Honestly, the gummies are fun to eat straight up, but maybe not the best textural element to add to a trifle — they stand out a bit more than I want, so not sure I’ll do this again, unless it’s for a kid’s party. It did delight Kavi. 🙂

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