Anyone Want to Guess?

One of the interesting things for me about doing the ‘pick out of 15 options’ for the Valentine’s orders was that I got to see what was most popular very clearly. Anyone want to guess what the favorite sweet was?

Sri Lankan cashew milk toffee!

I don’t know if it’s the Sri Lankan in the name setting it apart from the rest? Or just that cashew milk toffee is clearly insanely delicious. But it was sort of funny to me that it pulled so clearly ahead of the pack.

I think the second favorite were the dragonfruit chocolates (which are, I have to say, stellar), and then the gilded rose cayenne chocolates. I’m going to need to make second batches of all of those this weekend, I think, to finish fulfilling the Valentine’s orders.

And then the marshmallows line up after that, with the passionfruit dipped in dark chocolate coming slightly ahead of the others. I should make notes, so I remember to offer them again next year, if I’m still doing this kind of thing.

I’m actually hoping that by next year, we’ll be set up with Stephanie Bailey helping me with sweet-making, which means I probably should take some time to go over making Sri Lankan milk toffee with her this summer; it can be a little tricky, as all of my cousins will attest, I think.

The number of times I scorched it in my 20s and 30s, trying to get it right — it would make a Sri Lankan aunty weep!

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