Hard to Resist

I started with packing up lots of the ‘pick 3’ orders, because it was simpler to batch them that way, but now I’m starting to move on to some of the larger orders. Here’s a ‘pick 5’ from someone who loves marshmallows — they went for three different kinds of marshmallows + passionfruit gummies and cashew milk toffee. Yummy. 🙂

Here’s a funny note — the gummies don’t use any preservatives — they’re just fruit juice, gelatin, and a little sugar. So they start to dry out if stored at room temperature for more than a few days — which means that I keep them in the fridge, and then, if I pack them up before I’m ready to ship (in this case, it’s waiting on one of my staff to make me a postage label), I still want to store them refrigerated until I put them in the mail (right now, it’s pretty cold out here, so the mailbox should work pretty well as refrigeration too). So there are a couple cardboard shipping boxes in my fridge right now, which is just funny.

I don’t think I’ll do this again — if I offer gummies in the future, I’m going to want to develop a shelf-stable recipe. But that will require adding some chemical ingredients, I think, and a bit of experimenting. We’ll see. Chocolates are simpler, but the gummies are awfully cute. Hard to resist!

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