Coconut Rock, Version 3

Coconut rock, version 3. Some recipes claimed you could use sweetened condensed milk, instead of cooking down milk and sugar on the stovetop. So I tried it, and yes, that works okay, but the flavor was notably different (closer to a milk toffee flavor, less fresh). And it also took some real arm strength to stir the dessicated coconut into the sweetened condensed milk. So I know this is a favorite approach of many, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really like the flavor of sweetened condensed milk, and don’t mind some heavy-duty stirring.

This is the recipe I used to test out the bicolor approach, which is classic, and which I do like — spread out half of it while white, color the rest pink, spread that out on top. Eventually, you’ll cut these into squares or diamonds, and they’ll look very cute.

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