Coconut Rock, Version #4

Coconut rock, version #4. Continuing with my efforts at natural colorings, I tried saffron here. Now, I think I should’ve added the saffron earlier in the process — if I had, I think I would’ve gotten more yellow color. I didn’t think of it until near the end, so the threads mostly didn’t add color. They did add some fragrance, but yes, starting earlier, recommended, and then I’m guessing the end result would be a pale yellow. I’m planning to try that again sometime soon, get it right.

This is also the vegan version where I tried coconut milk instead of cow milk, and reader, it’s better. Just more coconut flavor, tastier all around. I admit, it’s slightly more crumbly in texture, so if you’re looking for really sharp edges, you might want to stick to cow milk. But I think taste is king, and I think the slightly crumbly cut edge is plenty cute, so this is what I’d recommend. Recipe coming a few more posts down…

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