Throwing Colors

I originally meant these hibiscus & vanilla sugar cookies to be Holi cookies — hence the “throwing colors” decorating approach (nice to do with kids, as a little mess is just fine), so would’ve done a set of spring colors, including yellow and green too…

…but then I had this unicorn theme going for the Patreon boxes, and unicorn colors really are more pink-blue-purple, according to all the unicorn paraphernalia my daughter had, so I decided to stick with those…

…and not entirely coincidentally, pink and blue are also the trans colors, so isn’t it nice that these were finished just in time for trans day of visibility?

Happy day, my trans friends. You are all magical, in my book — not because you’re trans, but because you are living your truth, in a world that is not always accepting of those who differ from convention.

I wish you a long and happy life filled with lots of love, acceptance, and cookies.


(Recipe: Stir in a teaspoon or two of hibiscus powder into your favorite sugar cookie dough — I like Sweetopia’s –– adding a nice little tang and pale purple color . Decorate with royal icing — I use Alton Brown’s recipe — divided and colored. I slathered on base colors with a spatula, then thinned the icing a little with hot water and flicked more color on with the same spatulas.)

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