Food from Angie’s Pantry

Trying some local mom food delivery this week — with Jed visiting for a month, we’re eating a bit more than normal, and while I’ve cooked some, and Kevin has too, we’ve probably been relying too much on takeout. I was hoping this would be a healthier option, and I’m pretty happy with it.

This is all from Angie’s Pantry — about $140 got us enough food for two nights’ dinners for 3 adults, 2 big kids, plus some leftovers. The Thai chicken was quite tasty, the food overall was kid-friendly. It seemed quite light on oil and with a nice reliance on citrus notes for flavor interest.

Personally, I’d probably add a *little* more oil / butter / sour cream / salt, because I guess I don’t want my food too healthy. 🙂 Also more cayenne! But you can adjust that easily while reheating. We’ll be ordering from her again.

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