Itty Bitty Jar of Basmati Rice

Okay, I have to admit, I started laughing when I pulled this new ‘basmati rice’ jar out of the box, and realized how small it actually was.

Apparently, I hadn’t paid attention to the dimensions when ordering, and had just assumed it would be at least twice this size. As a South Asian, I would never imagine someone would make a rice jar that’s just going to hold a day or two’s worth of rice!

The jar is by potter Rae Dunn, and I actually think it’s quite lovely, and I’m going to be happy to have it sitting on my counter. It’s honestly just as well, in fact, because we’re trying to eat a little less white rice, and I’ve got a reasonable-sized glass jar of Sri Lankan red rice on the counter behind the wee basmati jar. (Red rice is much lower carb / lower glycemic index). Small jars are good for storing occasional treats!

We’ll keep the actual big bags of rice in the pantry, where they always were, and will refill the counter jars as needed, and it’ll all be fine.

But it does just make me laugh. 🙂 Itty bitty jar of basmati rice! My grandmother would be bewildered.

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