White Crane Creative Sushi & Thai

Tried another new local restaurant recently, White Crane Creative Sushi & Thai — it’s in Forest Park on Harlem, just south of Harrison. They don’t have outdoor dining, but the interior space looks really nice; I’ll probably eat there sometime soon. But I started with takeout, sampling most of the items we typically get. We got (enough to feed five people for dinner plus a few days of leftovers):

– steamed shumai
– sake (salmon) sushi
– unagi
– spider roll
– avocado roll
– vegetable fried rice
– edamame
– fried pork potstickers
– steamed veggie potstickers
– spicy basil tofu
– green curry chicken

– avocado & tofu curry

As an overall review, I’d say their Thai is very good, and their Japanese is fine. It’s not somewhere I’d go out of the way to get sashimi or sushi, but if you’re ordering takeout for home (or going in with a big group) and want to be able to feed people with diverse tastes, having the variety is helpful.

The standout for me was the steamed shumai – this is perhaps my favorite Thai dish generally, or certainly high up there, and I’ve tried it at most Thai restaurants in the area, and I think this is my favorite iteration of it, so you know I’ll be back for that! I have to restrain myself and not order it every single week, in fact.

I also strongly recommend the avocado curry — I haven’t seen that before, and with the creamy tofu, it’s an unctuous, luscious dish, beautifully flavored, and feeling very indulgent. A really great vegetarian option!

Recommended, and looking forward to eating there in person sometime soon.

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