Sleepy Slow Morning

Sleepy slow morning, gilding some pomegranate chocolate roses for the Patreon treat boxes, trying to wake up. Teaching day today.

I’ve been thinking about how much time I spend on the treat boxes — I think the three times / year schedule is about right for what I can manage without stress right now, especially with Ethan Yeung so competently helping me with the cooking — last Tuesday, he knocked out two batches of passionfruit marshmallows (all now sold!), a batch of dragonfruit chocolates (ditto!), and a batch of rose-cardamom cookie dough.

I already have a list for Ethan to work on when he comes tomorrow — more passionfruit marshmallows, dragonfruit chocolates, cayenne chocolates (which I’m planning to add to the Serendib shop for direct ordering). Lovely to have skilled help! I’m going to see if Emmanuel Henderson can take some time while Ethan’s cooking tomorrow to take some photo and video for us to use for clips for the site.

Today, I’m planning to pack up and ship three orders before teaching, get the rest outstanding this evening, once I make another batch of milk toffee and pick up some mini cupcake liners on my way back from teaching.

Oh, and I need to sew a tea towel — a sci-fi writer I know ordered one of my University of All Worlds ones, fun. Geekery for your kitchen! Might get that done before teaching too, we’ll see. Also have some edits to finalize for Vegan Serendib. Go, go, go. Wake up, Mary Anne, wake up, things to do…

WINTER 2020: Valentine’s Day in Narnia

Total Patrons as of 2/6: 25

Artist’s Valentine rose-cardamom iced cookies, 25 frozen
“Caramel Loves Passionfruit” marshmallows, 25 frozen

chocolate scones with cherry & orange, 30 frozen

tea (vanilla steeping until Sun 2/13)

confections box: pomegranate chocolate roses, dragonfruit chocolates, cayenne-chocolates

More to come! 🙂 Lots more!

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