Bizarrely Warm

It was bizarrely warm yesterday — tank top and shorts weather! So I walked over to Carnivore Oak Park, reveling in the warmth, and picked up some food for the grill.

A lovely skirt steak for Kevin and Kavi, cheddarwurst sausage for the kids to try (they liked them!). I already had the shrimp on hand, but if I hadn’t, I would have picked some up there too. (The shrimp is for me, since Kev doesn’t like seafood — I got the kids to try one each, but they had texture issues. Ah well.)

Added in some bell pepper and carrot and hummus, some apple and pear and cheddar, and we were all set. (Maybe a little white wine for mama too…)

Such an easy, tasty dinner — I know it’s going to snow this week, but I am really really ready to be grilling again on the regular!

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