Sri Lankan Instead

A friend came by for lunch yesterday; we had talked about getting Indian takeout, but I’m trying to eat a little healthier, and I had time, so I ended up cooking Sri Lankan instead.

(Not to claim Sri Lankan is inherently healthier than Indian, just that my cooking is usually healthier than restaurant takeout.)

I’m trying to amp up the health aspects of some of my meals:

• I tried adding sweet potatoes to the chicken curry (good, but got a little overcooked, should have added them later in the process)

• did half-and-half basmati and Sri Lankan red rice (lower glycemic index than white rice, doesn’t take any longer to cook, adds a subtle nutty flavor)

• served with cabbage mallung, which is already pretty darn healthy (cabbage, onions, coconut, green chili, just a touch of veg. oil)

Tasty meal. 🙂

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