A Conversation Between Wonderland Guards

Two Wonderland guards, a conversation:

Bob: “But Joe, *why* does the Red Queen want us to gild all the animals of the forest?”

Joe: “Come on, Bob, you know better than that. You remember when the Red Queen made us paint all the white roses red?”

Bob: “Yes, of course. That took us three solid weeks! The bloomin’ rose trees kept putting out more roses — we could barely keep up!”

Joe: “And you remember what happened to Tim when he started asking questions?”

Bob: “Not really. Though, now that you mention it, I haven’t seen Tim around in quite a while.”

Joe: “Exactly, Bob. Exactly. Word to the wise, innit?”

Bob: “If you say so, Joe.”

Joe: “Just gild, Bob. Gild like your life depends on it…”

“…(and be grateful that these animals are only going in the higher tier boxes…)”

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