Launch Day for Vegan Serendib

Launch day for Vegan Serendib, my Sri Lankan vegan cookbook!

This has been a long road, people, from first drafting Feast, to launching it March 2020, to pandemic, to carrying on with Vegan — it doesn’t feel quite real yet. And yet, it is. Woot!

A few notes:

• if you’ve already bought Feast, you should know that there are 80 recipes in common between the two cookbooks. If you’d like the 40 new recipes developed for Vegan Serendib, you can certainly buy a copy (and they look very nice on the shelf next to each other), but you can also wait a few weeks for the digital supplement we’ll be putting out, _A Slice of Serendib_ (I think is the tentative title).

• if you’re planning to buy Vegan on Amazon or other online retailers, for yourself, for gifts, etc., it would be SUPER-HELPFUL if you can order it today, as a burst of orders help bump up the book’s visibility in the rankings, making it much more likely that people who don’t know me personally will actually see it.

• if you’d like to buy it directly from me, that’s great too (we get a little more money per book), and there’s a link in comments.

• if you buy it (and/or Feast) directly from me, and you live in the U.S., you can also add on some of my homemade curry powder

• if you already have a copy of Feast and/or Vegan and feel moved to leave a review — even just a single line — on Amazon, that’s also SUPER-HELPFUL. Once you hit a critical mass of reviews, that also moves the book up in Amazon’s visibility algorithms.

Please like / comment / share for visibility — tell your friends, tell your family, tell the world. 🙂 Thanks!

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