Salsa Carioca

(Continuing from previous post.) This was an easy dish to make for the refugees — I wanted a Venezuelan salad to go along with the pollo guisado, rice, and beans. (Oh, I’m not going to detail making the rice, except to note that I used both of my big pots AND a rice cooker. 🙂 )

Salsa Carioca is a simple salad with a slightly spicy dressing — I was figuring the main dishes shouldn’t be spicy, but a little spicy accompaniment would be nice for them’s that like it. (When I visited Switzerland, I was CRAVING spicy food after the first week…)

First I hard-boiled the eggs and shelled them. (You could also skip those if you don’t like eggs, it looks like, based on the comments.)

This is just chop and toss together — another quadruple batch, which fit nicely in to a half-foil tray. One red onion, several tomatoes, four hard-boiled eggs, four serrano peppers (seeded), four ripe avocados. And then the dressing couldn’t be simpler: olive oil, white vinegar, hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper. Whisk the dressing together, toss it over, and then set aside for the flavors to blend.

Yummy and quick — 15 minutes to boil the eggs (while you can do other things, like chopping veg or having a nice glass of wine), a few minutes to shell them, and maybe 15 minutes to chop and put it all together?


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